About OJA

The Oklahoma Judges Association was formed on August 25, 1994 for the purpose and function of considering and taking positive action toward improving the administration of justice; providing an exchange of experience respecting the operation of the trial courts of the State of Oklahoma; conducting instructive programs whereby higher standards of efficiency and excellence may be obtained and to better equip trial judges of Oklahoma in the proper performance of their duties; providing for the creation of committees to study particular problems relating to judicial administration, and initiating and supporting such legislation as may be appropriate in carrying out these objectives.

In past years, OJA secured judicial pay raises, including a 7.67% salary increase in 2021.

OJA has been a staunch defender of the Board on Judicial Compensation which reviews compensation and when merited, changes the compensation. This board meets on the third Tuesday of every odd-numbered year and its actions become law unless rejected or amended by the Legislature and Governor.

OJA has also fended off attacks on the Uniform Retirement System for Justices & Judges (URSJJ) and worked to preserve both the independence and solvency of our system. The OJA successfully worked to pas a 4% COLA increase for retired judges during the 2020 Legislative session.


The Honorable Thad Balkman


The Honorable Richard Ogden


The Honorable Sheila Stinson