Become A Member

All judges of the District Courts of Oklahoma, including District, Associate District and Special Judges, Judges of the Civil and Criminal Court of Appeals, and Justices of the Supreme Court are invited to join the Oklahoma Judges Association. Retired Judges are eligible to continue membership or join the OJA, as well.  Members are eligible for all benefits, may vote at the Annual Meeting and select Executive Board representatives and officers. 

OJA dues ($20) and assessment for fiscal year July 1 to June 30:

District Judges - $310.00
Associated District Judges - $260.00
Special and Retired Judges - $200.00

OJA dues are tax deductible.  However, your assessment is not tax deductible.  To join, complete the attached OJA Application for Membership form and mail a check made payable to:  Oklahoma Judges Association, Attn:  Richard C. Ogden, PO BOX 36113, Oklahoma City, OK  73136.


OJA membership Questions: (405) 713-1451 or (405) 713-1403.